Primeshot – Live Streaming

Live Streaming.

Couple of years ago we were introduced to our new life partner – Covid-19.
This partner, like every partner, came with demands and adjustments that in order to keep the peace we have to follow.

One very useful tool that solves many of our conflicts with this partner is the ability to Live Stream (broadcast) most of the events that are now limited by the amount of people attending.

Events, Music shows, Conferences, Wedding ceremonies, Fashion shows, are just few of the examples that are now being cancelled or postponed due to the small amount of people that allowed on location.
Live streaming is the answer. 

Wether it’s a public event, private, single or multiple cameras, all is reachable and as easy to do as filming the event in normal conditions.
Stream your event to your website, Facebook, YouTube channel and many more platform and let’s make sure this new partner of us don’t hold us back.